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Your visett team

May we introduce ourselves?

We are visett

Business is communication. Communication takes place between people. For this reason, we would like to introduce ourselves briefly here.

Raad - Management and Product development in the visett team

Management and
Product development

Our philosophy,
our vision.

Emily - Internal processes in the visett team

Internal processes

Day-to-day business and
Corporate structure.

Michal - Warehouse management in the visett team

Warehouse management

Warehouse, logistics, shipping
and packing.

Kira - Design in the visett team


CI, web design, media design, video and photo content.

Anna - Building maintenance in the visett team

Building maintenance

Hygiene and

Adam - Plant and garden care in the visett team

Park and garden maintenance

Preservation of
the Plant optics.

Pénélope - Everybody's Darling in the visett team

Everybody’s Darling

Sweet Dog with
Relaxation effect.

Do you want to be there?

All are equal. Loyalty, trust, respect and reliability. We live these values within our team on a daily basis.
Therefore, we are looking for someone who fits professional as well as human level fits well with us.